Self-defense inducers to fungal attacks



Special liquid formulation based on copper and zinc complexed with citric acid hydracid, obtained through the fungus Aspergillus

HYDRACUP is a solution based on copper and zinc complexed by the citric acid hydride, which induces a quick and effective absorption of these two fundamental microelements to guarantee an optimum functioning of the enzymatic process, while activating the plant SAR. As a result, the plant's physiological state is improved and the plant's natural defense is indirectly enhanced, inducing better resistance to stress and diseases caused by bacteria and fungi. HYDRACUP can be used via leaf and root, remaining in the root zone for about two weeks after application.

  • Vegetables
  • Kiwi
  • Olive grove
  • Prumóideas
  • Prunoid

EC fertilizer

Types of application

Foliar Root


  • Water-soluble copper (Cu) 2.0% (w / w)
  • Zinco (Zn) solúvel em água 4.0% (p / p)


Emulsion concentrate (EC)


1L 5L

Other fungicides

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