Naturvital Plus

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Naturvital Plus

Activated liquid organic matter rich in humic acids

NATURVITAL PLUS are humic acids, formulated for use by fertigation. Its application is recommended to improve the soil structure and the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers, which translates into an increase in production. NATURVITAL PLUS also corrects soil mineralization and salinization.

Non-harmonized fertilizer registration 115/2016

Types of application


  • Total Humic Extract 21.0% (w / w)
  • Humic Acids 14.0% (w / w)
  • Fulvic Acids 7.0% (w / w)
  • Water soluble potassium (K2O) 6.0% (w / w)


Concentrated solution (SL)


Outras matérias orgânicas

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