Cupric Organic Bioprotetors



Copper complexed by gluconic acid

COPSTAR, is a copper gluconate based product formulated as a copper based fertilizer solution. The copper present in this product is complexed by the agent HGA (heptagluconic acid). This form of copper allows for an easy and fast absorption, giving COPSTAR the capacity for nutritional correction in this element as well as greater resistance to fungal infection and pathogenic bacteria. It is indicated for the preventive and curative control of copper deficiency states. The copper present in the COPSTAR organic complex has a high assimilation capacity, showing a strong activity of local system.

EC fertilizer

Types of application


  • Water-soluble copper (Cu) 6% (w / w)
  • Copper (Cu) complexed by Ac. Gluconic 6% (w / w)


Emulsion concentrate (EC)


Other organic cupric bioprotectors

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