Cupergreen Flow 70

Cupric inorganic fungicides

Cuppergreen Flow 70

Concentrated suspension (SC) with 70% (w / v) (700g / L) in copper (in the form of oxychloride)

CUPERGREEN FLOW 70 is a fungicide based on copper oxychloride for foliar application with a metallic copper content of 70% in the form of concentrated suspension. CUPERGREEN FLOW 70 offers a high quality copper oxychloride flow formulation, maneuverability and stability over time, guaranteeing stability in the container and the permanence and efficiency of the product in the culture after its application. Its high quality formula guarantees a unbeatable dispersion in the treatment tank and superior efficiency and longer harvest time. Thanks to its small particles, CUPERGREEN FLOW 70 adheres perfectly to the treated surface, transforming itself homogeneously and progressively into active copper, ensuring a higher level of efficiency and uniformity in the application.

  • Olive grove

AV nº1336

Types of application



  • Copper (in the form of oxychloride) 70% (w / v)


Concentrated Suspension (SC)



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