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Innovative microemulsifiable concentrate to dilute in water, with triple action (insecticide, acaricide, larvicide) based on the revolutionary active substance etofenprox, enhanced with piperonyl butoxide that multiplies its effectiveness up to ten times. Wide spectrum of action. Highly effective against crawling and flying insects (especially Asian wasp). Very effective against the red louse. It does not force the livestock void. Effective against insects resistant to pyrethroids. Extraordinary and fast knock-down effect. Excellent persistence. More than 9 months in treatments against flies and mosquitoes. Diptrón uniquely combines fast action, persistence and low toxicity, making it a key product for use in cattle.

ACM nº 025/00/09 NBVPT


  • Etofenprox 10% piperonyl butoxide 20%


100ml 1L 5L

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